Physiotherapists excel in giving technically correct / safe exercises to maximise the effect you want:

  • to move faster
  • to be more agile
  • to have better balance
  • to jump higher

After an Injury - When Can I Start Exercising?

  • Wait til your physiotherapist clears you to start exercising
  • Usually you can start when your pain has stopped
  • Most often your physio will start you on a water program or cycling program
  • Interval training is most efficient, i.e cycling for 1min 30 seconds at 50% effort, then 30 seconds at 75% effort on a low gear (no incline) for 10 min = 30-40 min cycling non-stop!
  • The best way is to do some water therapy for a week, then cycling for 1-2 weeks,
  • Then return to sport at 50% effort and time, spend the next 2 weeks easing into your activity.
  • Stop if you get any pain.

Some of our Physiotherapists have also done other degrees related to Sports Science / Human Movement and are even more aware of better training methods.

Why work for longer with lots of exercises when we can give you a few in the right intervals to get quicker results.