Life Exercise Class

Lifefit is physiotherapist supervised gym class. The classes are designed to help patients reach personal fitness and mobility goals. Each patient has a tailored exercise program that helps manages their health and medical conditions such osteoporosis, osteopenia, arthritis, falls and balance issues.

Why do LifeFit?

Our classes are ideal for both healthy individuals and rehabilitating patients wanting to exercise using high quality equipment and physio-focused programs. Our class sizes are small, ensuring you get adequate supervision from the physiotherapist. These classes:

  • Improve muscle strength and joint mobility
  • Improve balance and energy levels
  • Reduce risk of fractures and falls
  • Provide personalised programs monitored by a trained physiotherapist
  • Are run in a spacious and equipped gym
  • Are a great way to socialise and meet new people

Initial assessment: $75

LifeFit Classes:         $25

LifeFit Blocks

5 sessions:                 $120

10 sessions:              $240

If you would like to trial a Lifefit class please contact the clinic on 9364 2012.