Is your sports perfomance dropping - is shin splints the reason?

Do you experience pain and tightness in your shins after exercise?
Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, more commonly known as Shin Splints, is a painful and frustrating injury for many people who run and exercise frequently. This makes it difficult to run and exercise without pain and if left untreated it can lead to stress fractures in the lower leg.

When we run, the repetitive nature of our foot striking the ground causes a build-up of physical stress in the structures of the lower leg. When this stress is not absorbed or relieved as normal, the muscles, ligaments and bones of the lower leg become sensitised, inflamed and increasingly painful.

This stress can build up as a result of:

·         Flat Feet

·         Overactive Calf Muscles

·         Running on Hard Ground

·         Poor Running Biomechanics

·         Poor Supportive Footwear

·         Sudden Changes in Activity Levels

Smoking and Low Levels of Fitness.

Physiotherapy is indicated to assess and resolve the underlying cause of your Shin Splints and steer you back on track to running again.
This can be achieved through techniques such as:

·         Strengthening Programs

·         Stretching Regimen

·         Acupuncture

·         Running Technique Re-Training

·         Sports Taping

·         Prescription and fitting of Orthotics – only $95

·         Management and Adjustment of Training Loads

·         Footwear Advice

·         Massage

Developing a comprehensive and individualised plan to manage your condition, will ensure a swift and more streamlined return to running and exercise without pain.                                    

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