May Newsletter - Headaches

Cluster, tension, hormonal, wine, chocolate, or sinus related; these are just a few headache types! Did you know that the medical model has over 300 types of headaches?  One of the latest is a pony tail headache, yes a pony tail headache.  Call them what you want, this technique can help most headaches/migraines.

 Our senior Physio’s are using the latest headache treatment and helping 80% of our long suffering patients. Some patients have had migraines for 30 years and following treatment they no longer need to take any medication. Their headache is controlled by a simple exercise and/or a headache treatment strap and moving back to good posture (the midline for the spine) hourly keeps you away from the physio!

Book in and find out whether your spine is in the middle, not slumped or rigidly straight.

 These results are often achieved in 6-8 treatments and most patients have not had to return for further treatment.

 How does it work?

The top 3 neck joints have nerves that send impulses into the lower brain stem, the ‘power box’ of the brain (trigeminal nucleus).

-          If your power box is always full of information = headache person

-          Lower levels of impulses = not a headache person

Your physio will sustain a hold on the affected joint which sends info to the power box dampening down all the extra impulses, getting rid of your headache.

People with headaches often are rotated at the 2nd neck joint, and this is our first assessment point from which a complex assessment & treatment takes place.

NO CRACKING OF JOINTS, all you have to do is lie there and feel the pain go!

 Too good to be true? Then keep an eye out for patients who are on our Facebook page swearing by this treatment!

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